Become a test driver for RAVENOL

May 20, 2016
Marijan Malcevic

  • Ravenol 70 years, 1946 - 2016

The renowned German oil manufacturer, Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH celebrates the 70th anniversary this year, and they have recently launched a new innovative product, the RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 motor oil. We at SnapLap have teamed up with RAVENOL to help them test this great product, and in order to do this efficiently, we need some assistance from you. After all, who can help us more with this, than a hard-core bunch of petrolheads and motorsport fans such as you? So, let us tell you more about it!

Ravenol motor oils

Ravenol motor oils

EFE stands for Extra Fuel Economy, so it’s clear that the product sets new high standards in the energy-efficient and ecologic driving. The fully synthetic low-friction oil RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 was developed and designed for optimal engine lubrication. It considerably reduces wearing of the engine, bearings, pistons and cams. At the same time, the new product meets the highest standards of economy and environmental awareness.

Don’t believe us yet? Try it yourself!

RAVENOL is inviting everyone from the motorsports world to take part in this real-life test. And its so simple: have a car with an engine size of 1.6-litres or less, initially registered in 2006 or later, be passionate about driving your car, and follow a few simple steps.

Register at the official RAVENOL  website and after RAVENOL lubricant experts make a review of your car’s compatibility, you will receive a RAVENOL campaign kit. This kit includes a RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 motor oil, a new oil filter, which you will need to do the test campaign. You will also receive a complimentary sticker for your car and a genuine “Test Driver” T-Shirt, as a token of appreciation from RAVENOL for doing the test.

Ravenol test driver competition

RAVENOL test driver competition

What you need to do next is actually the best part. Something we all love to do. It’s driving, and then some more driving and of course, some more driving. As much as you can. While enjoying the ride, the task for all contestants is to document RAVENOL test driver involvement with pictures and videos and share the experience with the RAVENOL team.The best experience reports will be published on the RAVENOL website and there are some nice prizes awaiting some of you. So, why wait any longer?

Become a RAVENOL test driver for the “First Worldwide oW-16” by RAVENOL !!!

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