Three manufacturers interested to join WTCC

June 29, 2015
Alexander S

  • WTCC

World Touring Car Championship could be strengthtened from next season as there are three manufacturers interested to join the series.


The WTCC boss Francois Ribeiro said after round at Paul Ricard circuit that there are manufacturers which are interested to join the competition and one of them could come into the series as soon as next year, but also added that Citroen’s dominance in the WTCC could cause distraction, but in the same time also could be challenging .


Citroen WTCC


Ribeiro couldn’t say who the interested manufacturers are, but is widely predicted that KIA and Volvo are looking for the possibilities.


“I can tell you that the interest is there, but decisions in the automotive industry are not short. If anybody want to stand against Citroen, he must do the things very professionally and I mean not just budget, but the organisation, planning and logistics,“ said WTCC chief and also mentioned what the potential newcomers are working.


“All the three manufacturers which are working seriously on WTCC are working on three-box cars, this is a better for sure than European two-box hatchback shape Honda Civic,” Ribeiro said.


As the current regulations won’t be changed soon, that will allow consistency not only for the potential newcomers, but also for the manufacturers who are already in the WTCC.

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