Ultracar Sports Club - a new supercars racing series

June 11, 2015
Roy Wolfgang

Next round of 2015 Blancpain GT series in Le Castellet on June 20th-21st will premiere a totally new supercar (or hypercar) series called Ultracar Sports Club. It is started by SRO Motorsports Group the same outfit that is behind fantastic success of Blancpain GT series in last few years. The basic idea of the Ultracar Sport Club series is to give chance to fastest, most exclusive and most advanced supercars in the world to show what they can do on racing tracks without long list of rules or manufacturers limitations. In short, to free all those horsepower and advanced technology on their natural habitat – race track.




In past, the manufacturers were always very reluctant to enter such a series fearing that the cost of racing such advanced machines will be astronomical and that hypercars are not going to be efficient and durable as they should. However, the four manufacturers has already agreed to support first meeting and we can expect that there will be more. McLaren will give the P1 GTR its first public track appearance and Lamborghini will bring one Veneno Coupe and one Veneno Roadster, a car of which only nine units have been produced. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse / World Record will also be present as well as Aston Martin One -77 but Aston Martin Vulcan is not ready yet. Beside the factory entered hypercars there will be nice selection of private entered cars such as LaFerrari, Pagani Zonda R, a Porsche 918, an Apollo Gumpert and six McLaren P1 which ensures that the premiere of Ultracar Sport Club will be fantastic event.

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