V8SC champion Mark Winterbottom in The Bottle-O colours in 2016

December 7, 2015
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Marijan Malcevic

The newly-crowned V8 Supercars Champion Mark Winterbottom just two days after clinching the 2015 title is ready for 2016 season. For next year he get not only the new number on his Prodrive Racing Ford Falcon but also new colours. He changed Pepsi Max blue livery for The Bottle-O green. The new car was presented today at an event on Sydney Harbour.


“We’re so excited to announce the identity of our new team driver for 2016. After a nail-biting championship finale for ‘Frosty’, The Bottle-O and Prodrive Racing have high hopes for 2016, both for Mark and the positive impact the sponsorship has on our brand awareness. We’ve had a long-standing history with V8 Supercars, via our sponsorship of The Bottle-O Racing Team. We can’t think of a better way to head into our 10th year, than with Mark at the wheel and The Bottle-O brand on the number one car,” said The Bottle-O’s CEO Scott Marshall.




“It’s fantastic to announce a new partnership on my car with The Bottle-O, and to do so with number one on the side as the new V8 Supercars Champion makes it even more special. The Bottle-O has been a supporter of our team for many years so I am looking forward to representing them as I defend my title. It is great to have the commitment of a brand that sees such value in our team, so I am sure we’ll have a fun and successful 2016,” Winterbottom said.


Prodrive Racing team owners Rod Nash and Rusty French took over the team three years ago and have since won two Bathurst 1000 crowns and now the V8 Supercars Championship.

“Today is a great day for our team and The Bottle-O as we get to show the number one on our car for the first time and also reveal their involvement with Mark for next season and beyond. Every team fights to have the number one on the car and we’ve got it after years of hard work so it is great reward for everyone. We are launching a new era today and I want to thank The Bottle-O for their long-term commitment to my team and motorsport fans. Together we have one of the longest-serving partnerships in V8 Supercars. As a collective group we are aiming to defend the title and launching this car, one day after the season, shows our intention. The 2016 season has already begun” Nash said.

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