Wolff: This is a wake-up call

April 6, 2015
Alexander S

Mercedes top boss Toto Wolff has admitted after the Malaysian GP that he was surprised with Ferrari’s performance at Sepang circuit. He followed this up with a candid admission that his team must now start developing cars in response to the threat from Maranello based team.


“We didn’t expect this to happen at that particluar location. We were confident after the race in Melbourne, but we are always a little bit sceptical about our advantage. We always believed that we must remain sharp and keep developing in order not to be caught out. But, Ferrari surprised us and deserved to win with their performance. For us, this is a kind of a wake-up call and that is good,” Wolff said optimistically.


“In the following days, we have to analyse what went wrong, where we need to improve and if we need to initiate some developments for the future. We need to assess all the aspects properly and definitely need to speed up the pace of our development,” he added.




The Mercedes boss also said that the team had no regrets with respect to strategy decisions during the race in Malaysia, despite Lewis Hamilton being critical.


“It is always easy to regret later and say that we could have done something better, but we are all making decisions together and I don’t think we made a mistakes in our strategy even in Malaysia. We haven’t made any strategic blunders in the past two years, as far as I can recall,” concluded Wolff.

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