Classic Cars That are Predicted to Soar in Popularity & Price

September 27, 2021
Mnea Minogue

You can’t beat a classic car and these can be smart investments when you are able to predict what models are going to soar in both popularity and price. This is not an easy thing to do, so what are a few classics that experts are predicting to increase in price in the coming years.

Ford Focus Mk1

The Ford Focus Mk1 was everywhere in the UK in the early 2000s as such a reliable car well-suited to many different types of motorists. This also means that they can be found for affordable prices now with experts predicting this humble hatchback to achieve classic status in the near future.

Aston Martin DB7

The sleek and stylish Aston Martin DB7 fell in value by almost a fifth during 2020, which would usually set off alarm bells, but it is thought that the pandemic is the main reason for this and value is likely to soar moving forward. Additionally, the release of a new James Bond film always helps to give Aston Martin models a boost (even though he drives a different model).

Land Rover Discovery

The SUV trend is still going strong in 2021, which is one reason why investing in the iconic Land Rover Discovery could be smart. The price of this model has jumped in recent years but it is only predicted to rise in value, so now could be a smart time to make the investment.

Honda 2600

The Honda 2600 dates back to the early 60s and its cool, retro design is a key factor as to why it is such a sought after vehicle today. The Honda 2600 can also be currently found for affordable prices with the value predicted to soar in the near future. If classic cars are of interest to you then you will want to ensure that you have the right insurance to protect your investment and so that you can drive legally.

Mini Cooper

There is no car that is more iconic in the UK than the Mini Cooper, which is a cultural icon from the 60s thanks largely to the Italian Job. The value of the Mini Cooper continues to rise and 2021 will mark its 60th year, so you can expect the value to get a healthy boost from this milestone.

These are a few of the models that are expected to soar in popularity and price in the coming years. This makes them a sound investment and could help you to make a significant amount of money if you ever decide to sell down the line.

Featured Photo by Alexandru Ivanov on Unsplash