Considering A Motorcycle? Check These Pros And Cons

March 30, 2021

  • Motorcycle at Dawn

Depending on your definition of the term “motorcycle”, there are up to a 200million vehicles in everyday use around the world. To put that another way, 33 out of every 1000 people ride a motorbike. Be honest; that’s more than you thought, isn’t it? Even allowing for countries like Vietnam, where a remarkable 80% of travel is undertaken on two-wheeled vehicles, 200million is a lot of anything. So there must be a reason people favor their bikes – and in many cases prefer them over cars. Below, we’ll look into the pros and cons of motorbikes, especially for those people considering getting one for the first time.

PRO: They’re less complicated than a car

For some people, being behind the wheel of a car can feel like being in the cockpit of a 747 – beyond the steering wheel there are dials, levers and instruments that all demand attention, and for those who prefer things to be kept simple motorbikes definitely offer an attraction. If you’re a long-time driver, then it will be a considerable adjustment to try a bike. If however, you are someone who is trying to get on the road for the first time, there are definite benefits to the two-wheeled competitor.

CON: They’re less safe than a car

There is no shortage of reasons why people react with concern to the idea of motorbikes. It’s simply a fact that people on motorbikes are more likely to sustain an injury, or worse, than those in a car or a truck that may collide with them. Above and beyond the need for a good motorcycle accident attorney, though, there is more. Simply put, other motorists aren’t excellently equipped to deal with bikers. When they look at the road, they expect to see other cars. Dealing with a bike is a whole other matter, and not always one they’ll handle well.

PRO: Their fuel economy is surprisingly good

Although some aspects of the reputation that surrounds motorcycles come from simple reality – as seen above – there are others that are misguided. Think about it: based on pure reputation, would you see motorcycles as good for the environment? Well, they are. The average motorbike offers far better fuel economy than a comparable car and less pollution from fumes. As long as you keep it tuned up, your bike could be considered a green investment.

CON: You’re far more vulnerable to the elements

Everyone should know that rainy weather means you should be more careful when driving; the roads are slicker, and visibility is compromised too. For motorcyclists, the problem is multiplied. On two wheels, you can be troubled by winds that would not trouble you in a car. Cold weather, snow, and other hostile conditions can affect you even further – affecting the handling of a bike in significant ways. An experienced rider can make necessary adjustments and will know what is needed in different conditions, but it won’t stop it from being a terrifying experience initially.

In the end, motorcycles do offer a level of freedom to their riders that are hard to argue with. This has to be balanced against the issues of safety and accidents that arise, but if you’ve always wanted to try out a motorbike, there are certainly plenty of good reasons to give it a whirl.