Fort Grozny Autodrom - Terrible Only by Name

The Fort Grozny Autodrom, opened in August of 2015, is one of the newest motorsport venues in Russia which is still waiting to be recognized abroad.

Quick construction

Construction of the modern motorsport venue in a somewhat marginalized part of Russia was a surprise. However, the government of the Chechen Republic decided to help funding a construction of the big multipurpose venue in the region that has no history of motorsport but has favorable weather conditions that allow the use of the complex during almost the whole year. During the winter the circuit is used for ice racing.

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Map: Fort Grozny Autodrom

Relatively short and not too demanding track

The 67-hectare site, designed by Moscow Circuit Design Group, features an FIA Grade 2 circuit, a drag-strip, category B karting track, off-road driving facilities, and 870 m long drag strip with the bridge over its final part. Since its opening, Fort Grozny Autodrom hosted races of almost all most important national championships.

Drag race starting at Fort Grozny Autodrom

Drag racing is quite popular at Fort Grozny Autodrom

The pretty flat track at the Fortress Terrible (Grozny is Russian word for terrible) is 3.086 km long with 10 turns. In 2016, the first full-season, more than 70 various motorsport events were held there what is really big number comparing to many other circuits with a long tradition. Lack of a bigger grandstand or more viewing spots, as well as lack of supporting facilities for visitors are definitely the biggest drawback of this complex.

Big plans for the improvement and expansion of the Fort Grozny Autodrom

Nevertheless, the main objective is to promote the complex and the development of motorsport in the North Caucasus, increasing the investment attractiveness of the Chechen Republic, including the expense of event tourism, to create conditions for attracting corporate clients and organizers and finally to organize international events in foreseeable future.

Fort Grozny Autodrom автодром racing 2017 race circuit

Grandstand at Fort Grozny Autodrom is above the pit garages

Another ambition is the revival of motorsport in the country and education a new generation of young drivers. That’s why has been created an Academy in which about 100 children each year learning about racing and motorsport for free. Construction of the track also was the impetus for the creation of several motorsport clubs in the region.

Getting there and accommodation

The Fort Grozny Autodrom is located on the western outskirts of the city of Grozny. The nearest airport is around 20 minutes drive to the north and offers many connecting flights to many Russian cities and to Turkey but still it is not so easy to getting there. However, in the city of Grozny you can find many different types of quality accommodation at affordable prices.

Address: Fort Grozny Autodrom, Khimikov street, 364913 Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russia
Phone: +7 928 479 45 45