Hedonist life of F1 racing driver Peter Revson

February 27, 2016
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Alexander S

  • Peter Revson

Peter Revson is the last US born Formula 1 driver who managed to win a Grand Prix race, at Silverstone in 1973. Beside being an excellent driver, Revson was also a vivid character who lived his life with full throttle.

Peter was lucky enough to have an easy-going life, as he was born in a wealthy family. He missed an opportunity to graduate at some of the world’s best universities and turned his focus to racing, becoming an excellent racing driver, extremely successful in various racing series.

Peter Revson’s private life was similar to his racing – fast, dangerous and above all exciting. Surrounded with luxury and beautiful women, he was very popular and often in the spotlight. But tragically, he did not live long enough to fully enjoy all the ease of life that he was entitled to…

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Video: Peter Revson wins 1973 British Grand Prix

Photo: f1.wikia.com