Jyllands-Ringen - The Only FIA Approved Circuit in Denmark

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Jyllands-Ringen is one of the most popular and most important motorsport venues in Denmark but it never hosted any major international event.

Jyllandsringen was opened in 1966 and modified several times

The circuit located in Resenbro, near the city of Silkeborg, was built in 1966, on the former gravel pit. It was short 1.475 km long track used for various national competitions and racing schools. In 1974, Danish Federation of Motorists bought the circuit and that was the beginning of the venue’s development.

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Jyllands-Ringen was opened in 1966

Over the years the track was expanded and slightly modernized several times before the final version was built in 2003. Nowadays, Jyllands-Ringen is an interesting 2.3 km long counter-clockwise run race course with 16 turns and the width of 12 – 20 meters. It is the longest racing venue in Denmark, while the entire Jyllands-Ringen covers the area of 63 hectares.

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Jyllandsringen track layout

Facilities around the track are quite modest but fully functional and well prepared to meet demands of the teams, racers, and fans. FDM Jyllands Ringen, which is the official name of the circuit, is the only FIA approved racecourse in Denmark. Lap record time holder is a local hero Kevin Magnussen. In 2016, he set the time 1:05.22 driving Renault R.S.01.

Many famous names raced at Jyllandsringen circuit

In its early days, Jyllands-Ringen hosted various sprint and endurance races, but golden years were the late 1960s when the so-called Danish Grand Prix for sports cars was held. Many well-known names raced at Jyllands-Ringen, including Joakim Bonnier, Ronnie Peterson, Barrie Smith, and many other. European Formula 3, as well as the German F3 races, were also held at Jyllands-Ringen. In the 1980s, races of the lower Formula ranks also were held there and again some future stars raced at Jyllands-Ringen, including Ayrton Senna, JJ Lehto, and Tom Kristensen.

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Jyllandsringen is the best racing course in the country

Interestingly, the track is popular among the drivers and the fans, but local residents were never too happy. They always complained about the noise and many other things and that’s why the development of the circuit was pretty slow and in many phases. It took several years to get through numerous planning applications and to silence complaints of the locals.

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Special Saloon Cars race at Jyllandsringen

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, touring car racing became the most popular discipline at Jyllands-Ringen which was established as the country’s home of motorsport. Scandinavian Touring Car Championship races were the main events until 2013 when the Danish Thundersport Championship for American-style sports cars became the most popular event.

Getting to FDM Jyllandsringen

Jyllandringen is around 10 km away from the city of Silkeborg in west Denmark and is easy to reach by car or public buses. The nearest international airport is Billund Airport, around 75 km to the south. Small Karup Airport, which offers connections to Copenhagen, is around 45 minutes drive from the circuit.

Video – Onboard Jyllands-Ringen

Address: Skellerupvej 38, Resenbro, 8600 Silkeborg
Phone: +45 70 13 30 40
Website: koerekurser.fdm.dk/om-fdm-jyllandsringen

Photo: wikipedia.orghiveminer.comspecialsalooncar.dk