Motorsport Track Car Rentals and Prices 

September 1, 2021
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Are you a speed junkie? If yes, you should definitely read this. Because in this post you will discover where and how much you need to pay to drive powerful race cars.

Below are the best motorsport track car rentals and what they have to offer:

1. Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

This motorsports park is probably the best place to go and drive a powerful car on a professional motorsports raceway. It is a massive park that includes a historic racing track and a gigantic golf course. It also includes a clubhouse, a banquet facility, and a restaurant.

The Park is family-owned and it hosts both NASCAR and amateur racing events. You don’t have a car? Worry not. You can rent a racing car from this Park at a very affordable price.

The best thing about this Park is its location. It is barely three hours from New York and only an hour away from Boston.

The vehicle frequently available for rent at this Park is the BMW E92 M3 Coupe. This is a powerful 414 horsepower race car capable of reaching a maximum speed of 178 mph. The starting price for renting this car is $1,200 for a full day track event.

2. Fast Toys Club

This is a racing and luxury car club located in Pacific Palisades, California. You can rent different types of luxury cars from this company.

You can also join this company’s racing events organized in various raceways across California including Willow Springs, Auto Club Roval, Buttonwillow, and Sonoma.

The types of race cars you can rent from this rental company include the world-famous Pescarolo 02 Le Mans Prototype race car with a V8 engine and a top speed of 186 mph. It costs $7,000 to rent this vehicle for a full fay and $4,300 to rent it for half a day.

The amazing Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo is also available for rent from this firm. The cost for full-day rental is $7,000.

You can also rent other more powerful race cars for $8,000 a day from this company. Race cars that are cheaper than $7,000 a day to rent are also available at this company.

Probably the most amazing thing about the Fast Toys Club is that you can rent a Caterham CT03 Formula 1 car from the company. You cannot drive it but you can use it for a photoshoot or a video shoot.

3. Racing Adventures

Racing Adventures is one of the leading motorsport cars rental companies in the whole of California.  The company has some of the fastest and most powerful racing cars available for rent.

You can rent the cars for three laps or six laps on the Willow Speedway, which is quite long. The types of cars you can rent from racing adventure include the Porsche 911 GT3, the McLaren MP4 12c, the Lamborghini Huracan, the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Ford GT40, the Ferrari 488 GTB, the Ferrari 458 Italia, Corvette, and the FFR Shelby Cobra sports cars.

To rent a sports car for a three-lap race, you will need to pay approximately $350. To rent a sports car for a six-lap race, you will need to pay approximately $600.

In addition to renting sports cars, Racing Adventures also offers private training during rental times and offers certificates to those interested.

4. Kaizen Autosport

This particular race car rental firm is based at the Virginia International Raceway. It is one of the few companies that have very customer-friendly requirements for drivers.

Over twenty different types of race cars are available for rent from Kaizen Autosport. They include a Radical SR1 that you can rent at $1,100 for half a day, a Ligier F4 that you can rent at $1200 for half a day, a BMW 328I that you can rent at $600 for half a day, a Porsche Cayman that you can rent at $800 for half a day, and a a Camaro ZL1 that you can rent at $1100 for half a day.

The only thing you have to be aware of before going to rent a race car at Kaizen Autosport is that you will need a few minutes of training before being allowed into a race car. The company does this to train you on safety and speed driving.


If you love racing, the best place to test your skills and have the best experience is on a motorway driving a real sports car. You now know four of the best motorsport car rental companies in the US. Get to the nearest to you to have an experience like no other.

Featured Photo by Kahl Orr on Unsplash