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February 1, 2017
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The Neuhauser Racing is a motorsport team founded in 2004 with the headquarters in Zell am Ziller in the Austrian state of Tyrol.

The team was formed by Hannes and his father Josef Neuhauser who already had a lot of experience in the world of motorsport before establishing his own squad. Josef Neuhauser is a Team Principal and a Managing Director, while Hannes is a Team Manager and Data Analyst. He is more focused on the on-track activities.

Debut in the ADAC Formel Masters

The team is involved in the junior formula racing under the flag of ADAC. In 2008, the first season of Formel Masters series, Neuhauser Racing as one of the series’ founders did very well and finished as a vice-champion. Klaus Bachler scored two wins that year and was 3rd in the Drivers’ championship standings.

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Dominik Baumann, Neuhauser Racing, 2009

The following season wasn’t so good. Neuhauser Racing dropped to the 8th position in the championship. Dominik Baumann, another talented Austrian, was the team’s leading driver and at the end of the season, he was 12th overall. After the poor start of the campaign, he scored points regularly in the second half of the season.

Baumann stayed with the team in 2010 and was accompanied by his compatriot Gerhard Tweraser. Despite not winning any race that year, Neuhauser Racing progressed to the 3rd place in the championship after both drivers scored a solid number of podium finishes.

Ups and downs

In 2011, the team again made a step backwards. Neuhauser Racing ended 6th in ADAC Formel Masters with a completely new driver line-up. However, Gustav Malja, Hubertus-Carlos Vier, David Griessner, and Thomas Jager did not meet the expectations after they scored only two podiums.

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Gustav Malja, Neuhauser Racing, ADAC Formel Masters

The following season was a huge step forward. After picking valuable experience in the previous year, Malja and Jager stayed with the team and Neuhauser Racing finished 3rd in the Teams’ championship. At the same time, Malja was the series runner-up, while Jager finished 5th.

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Nicolas Beer, Neuhauser Racing, ADAC Formel Masters, 2013

In 2013, climb to the highest step of the podium has continued. Young drivers Marvin Dienst, Nicolas Beer, and Stefan Riener were brought to the team and they did well, leading the team to the 2nd place in the ADAC Formel Masters. Beer scored two wins that year and he finished in 4th place which was the best result in comparison to other Neuhauser’s drivers.

Trophies were finally won

The season of 2014 was the best in the team’s history. Neuhauser Racing finally became ADAC Formel Masters champion with a huge advantage over its rivals. At the same time, Neuhauser’s driver Mikkel Jensen was also crowned as a champion, while his teammate Tim Zimmermann was 3rd.

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Neuhauser Racing, 2014 ADAC Formel Masters champion

On the road to success in 2014, Neuhauser Racing scored 10 wins, 24 podiums, 9 pole positions and 12 fastest race laps.

Formel Masters became ADAC Formel 4

In 2015, the championship was renamed and restructured, but Neuhauser Racing continued its program. The results weren’t as good as the ones scored in 2014. The team failed to win a single race and had only four podiums, scored by Tim Zimmermann and Kim-Luis Schramm.

Neuhauser Racing 2016

Nicklas Nielsen, Neuhauser Racing, 2016 ADAC Formel 4

The following season was pretty much the same. Neuhauser Racing ended 6th in the championship after the drivers Nicklas Nielsen and Felipe Drugovich failed to win any race but they amassed a total of four podium finishes.