Things to Avoid When Betting on Racing

January 22, 2021
Mnea Minogue

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world and betting makes the sport even more exciting. Horse racing betting is getting more and more popular just because of its competitive odds, and the chance to win a lot of money.

However, since horse racing is a bit different than other sports, it has a unique style of betting that might be difficult to understand for beginners. Most people would start only betting on the winner of the race, but there are many more wagers that can make the process much easier.

In today’s article, we will highlight some of the mistakes you need to avoid when betting on horse racing.

Too Small or Too Big Fields

It is important to note that not every horse race track is the same. Smaller fields are demotivating for the horses, and the whole excitement dies out very quickly. In other words, the track isn’t enough in order for horses to let out the steam.

On the other hand, larger tracks are also very difficult to bet on. The longer track can mess with the horse’s pace which fluctuates throughout the track making the outcome even more unpredictable.

Stick with tracks that are big enough to stimulate the horse’s momentum and small enough to maintain it until the finish.

Avoid Handicap Races

Even though handicap races are the most popular choice when it comes to betting just because of the high profits, they are very difficult to predict. In such games, horses have fitted baggage according to their skill. The reason for such action is to “level the playing field” so each horse has an equal chance of winning the race.

In the beginning, you should stay away from such betting just because your entire horse racing betting journey could end quicker than expected.

Stay Away from Exotic Wagers

When it comes to horse-betting there are two types of wagers: Exotic and Straight. Straight wagers are when you bet on a horse to finish first, second, or third in a game. On the other hand, exotic wagers are more exiting just because it allows you to play on different horses at the same time.

Even though exotic wagers are more exciting, it is much harder to win. You should avoid exotic wagers until you reach the level of skill that is capable of accurately predicting the match based on the data gathered.

Human vs Machine

Many bookmakers offer human or machine tellers to place bets. Since horse race betting is difficult, a machine system makes the process even more confusing, especially for beginners. If you find automatic tellers, there are often clogged up with long lines just because someone doesn’t know how to operate the machine, or someone tries to make a complicated exotic wager. That’s why you should stick to human tellers or try to go online.

There are many horse-race betting websites like TwinSpires that can spare you from waiting in lines and they are very easy to handle with a great user-interface.

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On top of that, they provide great statistical data that can be used for predicting matches.

Avoid Betting on Every Race

If you want to start a winning streak, you shouldn’t place bets on every single race. The chances to lose your money are higher when betting on races that you don’t have good data analysis and cannot predict the outcome.

That’s why you should settle for the long-term strategy and place smaller bets on races you are sure about based on your analytics.

Final Words

Horse racing is an exciting event, and the thrill goes through the roof once you place your bets. It is one of the sports where you can earn a lot of money if you develop the right tactic and avoid chasing losses.

So, make sure you avoid the things we mentioned in this article and start slowly building your profits.