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  • Circuit du Val de Vienne
  • Circuit du Val de Vienne was opened in 1990
  • Circuit du Val de Vienne

Circuit du Val de Vienne is a race track located in Le Vigeant in central France. The circuit was opened in 1990 and upgraded in 2008 and it got new owners in 2012. Today, the circuit is operated by Les Deux Arbes, a group headed by Larbre team boss Jack Leconte and OAK Racing owner Jacques Nicolet.

Circuit du Val de Vienne, motorcycle race

Circuit du Val de Vienne was opened in 1990

Val de Vienne Circuit was opened in 1990

Created by Pays Montmorillonnais and financed by several local authorities, the 3.757 km long circuit was opened in 1990 and received its first competition in 1992, hosting the French Supertourisme Championship. The French Superbike Championship soon followed and since then, the major championships were visiting Val de Vienne every year.

Two separate circuits could be operated simultaneously

Since its opening, Val de Vienne’s circuit is renowned as one of the most technical circuits in France and it had a possibility to be used as two separated shorter circuits. The only change in circuit’s layout was made in 2008 when the Pif-Paf chicane was bypassed by a new curve. This created a high-speed curved back straight, which is the fastest part of the track now, with speeds overpassing 270 km/h in GT races. The length of the circuit is 3,768 meters with Pif-Paf chicane or 3,729 meters with a bypass.

Circuit du Val de Vienne, Supertourisme championship

French Supertourisme championship at Val de Vienne Circuit

New owners modernized a circuit

The same year, the final turn was tightened and a new pit lane entrance was installed. Those upgrades allowed the track to be certified as an FIA Grade 2 circuit.

Next round of changes happened in 2012 when the Les Deux Arbres took over the operational rights for the next 20 years. They modernized the circuit, especially the control tower and paddock area.

Circuit du Val de Vienne, video room, control tower

Video room in control tower

32 cameras all over the track

When it was opened, the video control room in the control tower was the first facility of that kind in Europe with full HD technology. It consists of 32 cameras covering the entire track and its surroundings. That technology ensures the maximum safety for all track users and allows the most rapid safety interventions when needed.

Busy calendar of national events

Today, Val de Vienne circuit has a very busy calendar when it comes to national races and other events, including Superbikes, French Supertourisme Championship, touring cars and plenty of smaller events throughout the year. The circuit also has its own driving school but it is also hosting a branch of the De Radigues Motorcycle Rider School.

Circuit du Val de Vienne map/track layout

Map: Circuit du Val de Vienne track layout

Address: Circuit du Val de Vienne, 86150 Le Vigeant, France

Phone: +33 549 917 917

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