2015 Carrera Cup Germany – Hockenheim race one

After the qualifying session on Friday, the opening race of the 2015 Carrera Cup Germany which is held on Hockenheimring, promised a lot of racing action. However, the first race which was held on Saturday, ended on a relatively predictable note with the experienced and talented MRS driver Christian Engelhart  winning the 14-lap race. This was his fourth win in Hockenheim so far.


With Engelhart on the pole position, Ben Baker on the second and Jeffrey Schmidt on third, all of Engelhart’s main competitors like Thiim, Ammermuller, Eng and de Phillipi were on lower spots. However, this didn’t mean that those drivers could not advance during the race and overtake the Engelhart in a battle for first place. After the problems on the warm up lap, Nikki Thiim started from the last–22nd place–which was undoubtedly a big disappointment for him.

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2015

The start of the race was easily dominated by Engelhart who did a  great job and immediately gained a lead ahead of  Alex Riberas. Nikki Thimm, who started form the last position was very eager to gain some ground but after the first lap had a mid-field collision with another car and damaged his front bumper, spoiler and suspension. Unfortunately, he was forced to retire soon after. On the other hand, there weren’t any other accidents or crashes, only a few minor spins without any damage.


Lap after lap Christian Engelhart’s Porsche 991 GT3 Cup gained the a steady lead in front of the competition and when the checkered flag went down, his win was comfortable and fully deserved. The other drivers can not be satisfied with their results since Engelhart’s rivals like Ammermuller,Eng, de Phillipi and especially Thiim did not get a chance to prove their mettle. However, the next race is tomorrow so stay tuned for full coverage.


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