2015 Carrera Cup Germany – Lausitzring race 2

After the Austrian Porsche ace Phillip Eng has dominated race weekend and won the first race, he secured the second pole position as well. The second was Michael Ammermuller and the third experienced Nikki Thiim. The start of the second race which lasted 24 laps (slightly longer than the first) was at 10:35 CET with ideal weather conditions. The track and the air had almost the same temperature of 17 degrees with sun and no rain.


Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2015


The start went with no incidents or accidents and the Eng rutinely gain the lead. However, Robert Renauer who started from fifth place had a very good start and in few moments find himself on second place just behind Eng. The duo soon moved away from the rest of the pack but Renauer never left Eng, driving just few meters behind him. Soon Ammermuller has got close on third, Schmidt on fourth and Engelhart on fifth. On 12th lap, Matteo Cairoli had a off track excursion where he jumped of sand bump and landed on his front bumper hitting the radiator and started leaking cooling fluid on the track. Soon he was in the pits and the race was finished for him.


Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2015


On 14th lap, Alex Riberas has moved on Nikki Thiim and passed him in battle for sixth place. In a two laps, Thiim has regained the sixth place using the mistake by Riberas. Ben Baker had interesting move on start straight when he passed 2 cars with brave maneuver which got him to eight place. When the drivers entered the final laps of the race, the top places were unchanged. Robert Renauer was still very close behind Eng and waiting for his mistake but Eng was driving perfectly and won having double win this weekend. The Renauer was second showing that he is very good and consistent racer and Ammermuller was third. Full results HERE:

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