2015 Porsche Supercup Catalunya – main race

Sunny weekend in Spain during the first round of 2015 Porsche Mobile1 Supercup championship proved to be more of a problem then advantage for most of the drivers. High air temperatures were robbing the flat six engines of power and hot asphalt destroyed the tires. However, during the practice and qualifying sessions almost all the drivers had lap times very close to each other which proved that this track conditions are effecting everybody.




In the practice session, Phillip Eng was fastest but in qualifying session, Michael Ammermuller secured the pole position. The rest of the grid was pretty mixed up so the first race of this year’s Porsche Supercup was dynamic and interesting. The start of the race at first looked good, everybody started decent and mid grid was rapidly moving forward. The first two drivers were quick to run away from the rest. However,  Patrick Eismann and Sven Muller had an accident on first corner, spinning both out of the race and putting safety car on track after only one lap. The accident is under investigation from race officials.




After the safety car, the race went back to normal. Ammermuller swiftly moved from the rest of the grid. His lead and fist position on this race was never in doubt since after 10 laps (of 14) he had over 6 seconds advantage over Kuba Giermaziak on second. This is Ammermuller’s second Porsche Supercup win and hopefully not his last. However, the fierce battle was on in mid field between Phillip Eng, Come Ledogar, Christian Engelheardt and Alex Riberas who tried very hard to achieve podium position in front of his home crowd.  The young French driver, Come Ledogar who started from the second place fell as a victim of his lack of experience. He proved to be fast but other drivers proved that speed is not enough. He finished race on 6th place which is still big success for him. Riberas, had a tough job of climbing to podium but didn’t manage to do that even if he had passed three drivers in last three laps of the race. On final lap, he had close encounter with Phillip Eng, however, Eng managed to keep his position even after very aggressive attempt by Riberas. The Polish driver, Robert Lucas did good in mid field by holding his place for most of the race and finished 7th. Here are the full results:




The season opener of 2015 Porsche Mobile1 Supercup was very interesting and dynamic as we have expected. If every race will be like this, the 2015 season will be fantastic so we can not wait until the next one and that is Monaco in few days, so stay tuned!

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