2015 Porsche Supercup Catalunya – qualifying

The high air and track temperature on Circuit de Catalunya in Spain were very difficult for the Porsche Supercup drivers. During the practice session on Friday drivers reported that the cars just weren’t as fast as they should because of high temperature. However, the sun is always better then the rain and these conditions are much favorable than the cold weather. After the practice session yesterday, when the Austrian driver, Phillip Eng was fastest followed by Michael Ammermuller and Kuba Giermaziak, it was different situation on qualifying session.




The pole position for Sunday’s race was won by experienced Michael Ammermuller and second was Come Ledogar a French driver which has surprised everybody with this success. After the high results on practice session, Eng and Giermaziak were 6th and 9th which is kind of disappointing. Jeffrey Schmidt and Connor de Phillipi proved that they are possible future champions by placing themselves on 3th and 4th place with good chance for fighting for a first place. Perspective Ben Baker was 13th and everybody knows that he can do better. Here are the results:





The most interesting thing about today’s qualification session is the times. The Ammermuller’s time of 1:50.349 which was the best today is only by 0:00.229 of a second better than the second driver. In fact, first 13 drivers (which is almost half of the grid) has the lap times less than 1 second apart. Practically all the drivers had the lap times very close to the best lap time which proves that all of the Supercup drivers and all of the cars are very similar and very good. This also means that tomorrow’s race will be very very dynamic and suspense, so stay tuned for more coverage.

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