2015 Porsche Supercup Monaco - main race

The Porache Supercup Monaco race was eagerly awaited by the drivers and the fans. The biggest concern was weather and fortunately it wasn’t raining albeit the temperature were low. The absence of rain meant that drivers can achieve their full potential and their 991 GT3 Cup car can go fast as possible on extremely difficult Monaco circuit. However, some of the drivers overestimated their potential.




The race stared at 9:45 Sunday morning without any incidents. All the drivers were decent on the start knowing how mistakes are expensive in Monaco. Crash on the start would cause big pile up and the race would be ruined. As a result of Friday’s qualifying session, Jaap van Lagen was at pole position with Phillip Eng second and Christian Engelhart third.  Immediately after the start, van Lagen, Eng and Ben Baker, who started from fourth place, moved away from the rest of the pack. In few laps, those three drivers were half a second from Engelhart, Michel Ammermuller and Alex Riberas. Eng was right behind van Lagen, waiting for mistake and chance to overtake him but van Lagen was calm,precise and fast. Monaco hasn’t got a lot places to safely overtake and van Lagen has close them all for Eng.




However, in seventh lap, there was an accident involving three drivers, Carlos Rivas, Chris Bauer and Patrick Eisemann. Rivas was in front of Bauer and approaching the curve he brake late and too hard, causing his brakes to lock. He lost control of his Porsche and hit a wall on the left side of the track. Bauer, who was just behind him tried to avoid the collision but had no time or space and hit him from behind only to have his white Porsche hit by Eisemann who was behind Bauer. Fortunately, non of the drivers were hurt but this accident caused safety car to come on track and the race were slowed for four laps until race officials has cleaned debris, fuel and oil spilled on the track.




During the safety car period, drivers had time to consolidate on their positions and Phillip Eng had time to prepare attack on Jaap van Lagen. When the safety car left the track, he applied pressure on van Lagen with Ben Baker close behind. However, the race was close to the end and when the last lap was announced, Eng went for it. His driving become more aggressive while he chose more offensive lines and late braking. But Jaap van Langen’s experience kept him cool and Eng without any real chance of overtaking. So, when the checkered flag was up, van Lagen deservedly won the 2015 Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup race, Eng was second and promising Ben Barker was third. Full results HERE

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