2015 Porsche Supercup Monaco - practice

The second round of 2015 Porsche Mobil1 Supercup season is held on world famous Monaco track in South of France. The Monaco street circuit is one the most famous race tracks in the world and one of most popular in any championship or series. It is, in fact, half as fast as other track, since it is driven on public roads in the city but it is double interesting and dynamic because it has elevations, crazy turns a no room for error since every bad decision means hitting the fence. This track is also a crowd favorite and every race is special event for drivers and their teams and for the audience.



So this means that Porsche Supercup race on Monaco streets is special event for every fan and much attention is concentrated towards results on this race. Today, the Porsche Supercup drivers had a free practice session before Friday’s qualifying session and Sunday’s big race. However, weather conditions weren’t ideal, since the Monaco had some rain during the Thursday’s afternoon and temperature were low for this time of the year. Low temperature was good for performance of the engines but damp track was dangerous for 460 bhp rwd Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car. To control such a racing car on one of the worlds most difficult racing tracks asks for great skill, knowledge and bravery. The grid was full and 28 drivers started in practice session. Here are the full results:



Very interesting results of today’s practice session since first 9 drivers achieved times that are all in 1 second! The best time was Phillip Eng‘s 1:37:324 and Christian Engelhart‘s (9th place) had a 1:38:318 which is less than second slower. Even more fascinating is that first six times are just few hundreds of a second from each other! It just shows how good the drivers are and that their cars are identical which makes this series so interesting. The second best time was from Jaap von Lagen, who started racing for Fach Auto Tech team, substituting the Swiss Simon Trummer. Von Lagen is experienced driver and this is possibly his best result in Supercup. Connor de Phillip and Michael Ammermuller was third and fourth and Ben Baker was fifth.



So after practice session this interesting we should expect a qualifying session equally dynamic and suspense. So stay tuned for more coverage on Snap Lap.

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