2015 V8 Supercars Winton Supersprint - day 1

The fifth round of 2015 V8 Supercars championship is held in Winton, Australia on tight and twisty rural circuit with 12 corners and the whole track is 3 kilometers long. The Winton track is know as slowest  in calendar which means that speed doesn’t win the race but precision and concentration do.  However, since the Winton event is sprint type i is certain that the racing will be interesting and dynamic as always.




Interestingly, during the two Friday’s practice sessions, the overall standings showed very much to careful observer. First, it showed how last year’s champion Jamie Whincup struggles to find his pace and his performance in this season is far from his champioship winning driving in last few years. After the second practice session, where he was 20th, he was confused and depressed and even said that “It’s not really making sense at the moment” and “We just have no pace”. The six time V8 Supercars championship is having trouble form the season start and let’s hope that he finds his pace and speed in tomorrows qualifying session and Sunday’s race. Second, practice showed that Ford driver Chaz Mostert is always among the fastest drivers if not the fastest driver, but he is lacking the experience or concentration for showing that speed in the actual race. He is one of most perspective drivers in the series but he is still in the learning phase. The third thing is the good times achieved by last race winners, Mercedes Erebus Motorsport V8 team. Their good performance on first practice session is not a lucky break it is the experience and preparation by the team and the driver. However, they also has to find their pace since they wasn’t so good on second practice outing. Here is the results of first practice session:




During the first session, Tim Slade showed amazing control of his Holden and Jamie Whincup looked like he had find his pace, however, on second practice they weren’t so good. Chaz Mostert and his Falcon jumped from the third place in first practice session to first place on second. Here are the results:




Of course, this are just free practice results and there is still one more practice session to go, so this results should be obligatory for anyone. The tomorrow is very busy day in Winton because there will be not only one more practice session but two qualifying sessions and two sprint races (20 laps each) so stay tuned for coverage of one full day of V8 Supercars racing!

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