Bonaldi Motorsport's pair definitely wins Lamborghini Super Trofeo race 2 at Spa

  • Kujala Amstutz Bonaldi

Bonaldi Motorsport’s pair and Friday’s race winners Patrick Kujala and Adrian Amstutz were the fastest in the race 2 of Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo but they were moved two positions down after the race, so the winner is Dennis Lind.

But not for a long time. Some 20 minutes after podium ceremony, the results were changed again so Kujala and Amstutz were declared winners. Lund was moved back to second and Schlegelmilch to third.

Raton Racing’s Dennis Lind won the pole position ahead of Vito Postiglione (Imperiale Racing) but the Italian took the lead after safety car went in for the first time in this race. The tactics had very important role after the race was under yellow flags because of several accidents.

After mandatory pit stop the standings at the top were changed. Bonaldi’s car #34 took the lead and kept it until the end, finishing 3.414s ahead of Lind and 4.616 ahead of Harald Schlegelmilch at third. However, they were penalized with 5.5s and dropped to third, moving Lind to the top of podium and Schlegelmilch to the second position.

Check full results at SnapLap results page

Finally, the decision was changed again after complaints so Bonaldi Motorsport’s pair could enjoy double win scored in Belgium.

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