Audi TT Clubsport

At the renown Worthersee Tuning Festival in Austria, Audi presented the TT Clubsport – a concept car that showcased the possible future racing upgrades of the Audi’s small coupe. Currently, Audi has the TT Cup racing car prepared for the new Audi Sport TT Cup, with a 310-hp 2.0 TFSI engine. TT Clubsport is one step ahead in the world of racing, with almost double the power and a totally brutal design.


The Audi engineers pumped out 600 horse powers from a twin-turbocharged 2.5-litre engine. That breaks down to an impressive 240 hp per liter, distributed to all four wheel’s by Audi’s quattro permanent all-wheel drive.


Audi TT clubsport


Using the same five-cylinder engine as the new Audi RS3, the TT Clubsport takes it to another level with some advanced electric turbo tech. A 48-volt electrical system supplies energy to spin the twin turbos before the exhaust gases reach it. The e-turbo gives the car power from the low engine speeds, allowing the conventional turbo to be designed specifically for high-charge pressures.


The electric compressor is powered by the 48-volt electrical sub-system that Audi is developing for eventual production. The system stores energy in a small, recuperation-charged lithium-ion battery mounted in the trunk and is wired into the traditional 12-volt system by a DC/DC connection. All this high technology means that you get an instant response when you touch the gas pedal. With the 650 Nm of torque, the car can go from 0-100 kmh in 3.6 seconds.


Audi TT clubsport


However, Audi’s technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg was quick to point out that the new electric-turbo technology isn’t just for the benefit of the show. He revealed that it is close to production, initially in TDI engines and after that in TFSI petrol engines. “The electric bi-turbo signifies a new dimension in the driving experience; it boosts the sprinting ability, torque as well as the high peak power,” he said.


Some of the other key elements of the TT clubsport are the quattro permanent all-wheel drive with a rear axle-mounted multi-plate clutch, a coilover suspension, an electric lift system, electronic stabilization control, torque vectoring and carbon-ceramic disc brakes.


Audi TT clubsport


Apart from this, there are also some design details, which we will see on the future Audi TT RS models. The TT Clubsport looks stunning, with an eye-catching rear wing that seems to be taken straight from one of Audi’s GT3 cars. The blistered wheel arches allow various body slits to allow air intake, with the side ones helping to cool down the enormous brakes. The chiselled front end gets a gaping front grill, square intakes and a long front splitter.


The concept includes a wide-body kit with a set of excessive, vented fenders, helping to puff it out to width of 2m, which is 14 cm wider than the production model of TT. The tracks have also been widened to 174cm up front and 173cm at the rear. The car rides on 20-inch twin-spoke wheels with a bi-color finish.


Audi TT clubsport


The wide body kit may make the clubsport look large and heavy, but the car is actually lighter than the standard TT. Exact weight is 1,396 kg. Besides sprinting time of 3,6 seconds, impressive is also top speed number – 310 km/h.


The track-targeted look continues inside. An ultra-high-strength titanium cage gives integrity to the rear cabin. The sporty feeling in the cabin is complemented with front race bucket seats with four-point harnesses,  Audi’s virtual cockpit, an orange and black Alcantara and carbon fiber trim.