Blancpain Endurance Series - Paul Ricard practice and pre qualifying

The third round of this year’s Blancpain Endurace Series is going to be held on famous Paul Ricard circuit in France this weekend. The event itself is little different than the races we used to see in the series since the main race on Saturday evening  will be 6 hours long and will finish at 11:00 pm. It is going to be almost as little Le Mans since the cars are almost as fast as GTE class, it will be held in France, it is endurance event and it will be driven in the dark.


The Friday’s schedule as in any Blancpain Endurance race so far consisted of Bronze test session, practice session and pre qualifying session. During the Bronze test, BMW Sports Trophy Team Brasil was fastest with their BMW Z4 GT3 with the 1:58.621 time. All other teams and drivers were considerably slower and times were around 2 minutes mark. However, the biggest surprise was practice session and pre qualifying session with great driving from Mirko Bortolotti in his Lamborghini Huracan GT3.


He was relatively late in practice but managed to score best time very soon with the 1:58.092 result. The Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 and Bentley Continental GT3 was very close behind him, but Bortolotti was faster. It was obvious that Mirko Bortolotti was on the roll since he managed to beat his own time set on practice session with even better result of pre qualifying session. His 1:57.708 was enough to be fastest again in front of Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 and Bentley Continental GT3.

For full practice results, click HERE and for full pre qualifying results, click HERE:

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