Denny Hamlin victorious at 2015 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race

Having been the fastest in qualifying with 1:51.227, Denny Hamlin was able to choose the position of his pits, which proved to be the deciding factor in his 2015 NASCAR All-Star victory. The race started late, at 9:42PM with Hamlin taking the early lead from the pole, pulling away from Kasey Kahne, who was two seconds away from him until lap 10, when he came to just 0.5. On lap 16, Kahne finally managed to overtake Hamlin. Despite the fact that pit stops weren’t mandatory, all cars decided to pit and Keselowski exited the pit roads on the leading position, taking the first segment win. Greg Biffle was the unluckiest of the bunch — he hit the wall twice during the first segments, and was fined for speeding in the pits and returned to the race from the tail.

The race restarted on lap 26, and on lap 34, Kurt Busch briefly took the lead, but lost it in the lap that followed. The Busch brother had a few more attempts of overtaking Brad, but Keselowski managed to retain his lead. At the end of the second segment, all cars opted for the pits, and Jamie McMurray exited them first to take the lead.

On lap 51, the race restarted with McMurray’s bad start, which caused him to be spun out by Logano, which allowed Keselowski to go back to the first spot. Danica Patrick and Kyle Busch had problems with their cars, so Patrick went to the garage on lap 60 because of the burned out left front hub and Busch made a pit stop on lap 63 because of wheel vibrations. Kevin Harvick was attacking Keselowski, but Brad managed to end the third segment on the leading position. And again, everybody chose to pit and Matt Kenseth was the one on the leading position. Biffle, Tony Stewart and Dale Jr. all restarted the race on the tail because of speeding and pit members exiting too soon.

Denny Hamlin took the lead from Kenseth on lap 77, but as he was on two new tires as opposed to Kurt Busch who had four, he quickly gave way on lap 78. Busch maintained his lead until the end of the segment and into the mandatory four tire pit stops for the final ten laps of the race. That’s when pit position really paid off as Keselowski was caught speeding and Hamlin exited the pits in the lead, managing to hold off Kevin Harvick in the last ten laps, taking the victory and a 1.000.000$ prize. Behind Harvick was his teammate Kurt Busch, followed by Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth.

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