DMSB restrictions won't effect ADAC GT Masters hardly

May 7, 2015
Alexander S

After the DMSB suspended GT3 races at Nurburgring and then overturned the suspension changing  the speed limitations, restricting the performance of some cars and introduced additional measures for the safety of spectators, the question of how this would impact the ADAC GT Masters is a natural one.


The new season, which began recently at Oschersleben went off smoothly. However that circuit as well as many others on the competition calendar, car not nearly as challenging and dangerous as the legendary Nordschleife.


There is no doubt that the tragedy at the VLN race has motivated competition officials, and especially teams and drivers, to pay a greater attention to the security aspect, but it is still sometimes not enough. The biggest responsibility lies undoubtedly on the organizers of the race, who must ensure that there are optimal conditions for racing. The harsh reality is that the situation on the Nurburgring circuit has not been the best for a long time, but it is the responsibility of the authorities to determine why this situation persists and who should be responsible for negligence.




It would be a great pity if the GT3 race were completely banned but it seems that the best solution for all has been found. There is no doubt that all the teams that compete in the ADAC GT Masters will adequately prepare themselves for the new regulations at Nurburgring, especially with regards to those about the speed limit.


Even if DMSB restrictions were introduced in all the races of ADAC GT Masters, it wouldn’t hit the competition too much as most of the circuits of the 2015 season are  top-class tracks which even host Formula 1 races, so the safety measures and preparations are almost perfectly suited for all kind of races.


The bottom line is that risks will always exist and that is something that can’t be changed. Everybody involved in motorsports knows what it takes. Even with the best of preparations and safety measures, until the very end of the races, drivers are risking their lives.

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