Career Summary:

Felipe Massa

  • April 25, 1981
  • 36
  • Brazil
  • Fia Formula One World Championship
  • 337
  • Williams
  • 27
  • 58
  • 26
  • 25
  • 8.01%
  • 17.21%

Felipe Massa was born on 25th of April 1981 in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Although he's already been in Formula 1 for a long time, he has not yet managed to win the Championship. Over the years, Massa gained a reputation of being a solid team driver thus getting much respect in the F1 world.

Massa was good and lucky enough to break into the Formula 1 world relatively young. He progressed step by step through the ranks, scored some good results and was recognized by many as a true sportsman and a good driver, but that was still not enough to bring him a trophy dedicated to the World champion, even though he was, and still is a member of Formula 1 big guns.

Departure to Europe

As a boy, Massa participated in numerous driving competitions in Brazil. In 2000 he moved to Europe and won the Italian and European Formula Renault championships, winning seven of 17 races. This was followed by his move to the Euro Formula 3000 in 2001, where he won six of eight races and won another title. That was enough for Sauber Team to offer him a place in Formula 1.

Brazilian Felipe Massa Sauber Grand Prix Mercedes race championship united

Felipe Massa in Sauber

Formula 1 debut with Sauber

His rookie season in F1 was not really impressive. Massa scored only four points, so he lost his place in the team for the following season. After a year spent as a test pilot in Ferrari, during which he had learnt a lot and changed his driving style, Massa moved back to Sauber for the following two seasons and had better times than in the previous stay in the Swiss team. In 2004, the Brazilian scored 12, and a year later - 11 points.

Video - Massa wins pole position for the Austrian Grand Prix

Ferrari's man in the shadow

In 2006, Massa was paired up with Michael Schumacher in Ferrari, coming as a replacement for his compatriot Rubens Barrichello. He had an excellent first season with Scuderia scoring the first podium in his career, taking first pole position and finally the first victory in the Turkish Grand Prix. He was third in Drivers’ Championship that year and earned a place in the team for the following season.

Felipe Massa F1 Ferrari Williams race time championship 2016 racing home united

Felipe Massa driving Ferrari at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix

Felipe's F1 career peak was at Scuderia

Expectations from the Brazilian were higher, but just partially were fulfilled. Massa won three races but finished fourth overall in 2007, when his teammate was Kimi Raikkonen. Struggling in wheel-to-wheel battles, Massa left plenty of points to his rivals, but the following season was the best in his career. He won six races and had four podiums, however, that was enough only to finish as a runner-up, just one point behind the new champion Lewis Hamilton. As it turned out, that was his last chance to win a trophy. After that, Massa remained still without a victory and he had won only one pole position.

Felipe Massa Williams drivers Grand Prix race time championship home racing 2016

Felipe Massa joined Williams in 2014

Huge crash at Hungaroring

The following season could have been almost last for the Brazilian as he had an accident at Hungaroring. Massa's head, though protected by his helmet, was struck by a suspension spring that had fallen off from another car. He subsequently crashed head-on into a tyre barrier and was airlifted to a hospital where he underwent surgery in the area surrounding his left eye.

Felipe Massa injury crash Grand Prix end championship

Felipe Massa injured in a crash at Hungarian Grand Prix

He stayed with Ferrari until 2013 but it was obvious that he couldn't be a serious contender for the place on the peak of standings. From 2010 to 2013 he won just eight podiums, which was far below of expectations. After eight years, he left Ferrari and in 2014 joined Williams. Many Formula 1 fans thought the British squad made a mistake by hiring him, but Massa proved that he is still a useful team player and capable to produce some quality racing. His decision to join Williams proved to be very good as the team finally had proper cars, after many years of staggering.

Felipe Massa Williams 2014 Grand Prix Mercedes home racing new united formula

Felipe Massa driving a Williams at the Italian Grand Prix 2014

Felipe Massa in Williams

The first year with Williams was pretty good for the Brazilian, even after an unlucky start of the season in Australia and Malaysia. However, Massa won the pole position (in Austria) for the first time since 2008, had three podium finishes with Williams and was 7th at the end of the season, while in 2015 he moved up to sixth in the Drivers' championship with third places in Austria and Italy as season highlights.

Felipe Massa Williams Mercedes

Felipe Massa as Williams driver in 2014

In 2016, Massa stayed with Williams, and for the third year in-a-row his team-mate was Valtteri Bottas. That season wasn't brilliant although the Brazilian almost regularly scored points. His best result that year was the 5th place scored in the season-opening race in Australia and later in the Russian Grand Prix. At the end of the year, Felipe was 11th in the Drivers' Championship what was below his his reputation and abilities.

Retirement and quick return

Before the end of 2016 campaign, Massa announced that he will retire from Formula 1 at the end of the season and probably will try to find a drive in other racing series. However, when Valtteri Bottas left Williams to join Mercedes before the start of 2017, the team called Massa to go out from retirement and to join the team for another season, to partner newcomer to the series, talented Canadian Lance Stroll.

Many were in doubt whether Felipe will have a motivation but with more competitive car, he had a good start of 2017 campaign and scored twice out of three opening races.

Video - Felipe Massa: A Career In Retrospect

Silent man

Unlike many of his colleagues, Felipe’s private life was never so interesting to the media. He is a religious family man who likes to be involved in charity work and, like many Brazilians, he is a huge fan of football. Massa never had the intention to be popular and sometimes he could hardly stand the pressure.

"Ferrari is a big company so every day you are in the media for good or for bad. Sometimes this is not helping the driver or even the team, definitely, you have a lot more pressure there than maybe another team. I felt a lot of pressure in difficult moments and you need to just relax,"  Felipe Massa described his days with Scuderia.

Felipe Massa racing Williams 2015 home 2016 new united formula williams

Felipe Massa

Another interesting fact is that Massa's manager is Nicolas Todt, son of Ferrari's past team principal and FIA president Jean Todt. In September 2012, Massa was the part of what should have been the world record breaking event at Silverstone. Total of 964 Ferraris, 36 short of their target of 1.000, gathered at the track, witnessed by 25.000 spectators.