Career Summary:

Satoshi Motoyama

  • March 04, 1971
  • 46
  • Japan
  • Super Gt Japan
  • 388
  • Mola
  • 46
  • 112
  • 36
  • 33
  • 11.86%
  • 28.87%

Satoshi Motoyama is one of top Japanese endurance drivers and experienced racers with career almost 20 years long. He was born on 4th of March 1971 in Tokyo and after some amateur competition started racing in Formula Nippon and Japan GT championship. In those series, Motoyama become house hold name and one of all time great drivers winning the Formula Nippon championship in 1998, 2001, 2003, and 2005. In the Japanese GT Championship he won 3 championship titles in 2003, 2004 and 2008.

His success draw attention of Formula One scouts and he was given a chance of testing Jordan GP car in 2004 and pre season testing with Renault for 2004 season but with no contract.

However, beside his involvement with Formula Nipon and Japan GT championship, Motoyama is also a Le Mans driver which participated in famous race 4 times (1998,1999,2012,2014). Unfortunately, he only managed to finish race in 1999 and three other times crash or mechanical failure doomed his chances of finishing.

Satoshi Motoyama

Satoshi Motoyama

His memorable performance in 2012 was something you don’t see often in professional racing. That year, Motoyama raced experimental DeltaWing-Nissan which crashed after only 75 laps. Motoyama was not hurt and he stayed with the car for 90 minutes after the crash trying to revive the damaged experiment enough to get it to the pits. He used a pair of pliers and a screwdriver trying to fix it. This kind of determination is rare in today’s motorsport and even though Motoyama didn’t fixed his DeltaWing he showed an almost samurai act and how dedicated he is.

He came back to Le Mans in 2014 but just 5 laps after the start his Nissan ZEOD RC was broken down and out of the race. However, Satoshi Motoyama is one of the drivers whose hard work and concentration must pay off eventually. Too bad that Nissan has canceled its Le Mans program after bad results in 2015.