Eccleston: Red Bull is absolutely right

March 29, 2015
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Alexander S

  • Bernie Ecclestone

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said that Red Bull’s officials complaints are absolutely right because they want to equalize the performances of the engines in the series.


Christian Horner, the Head of the Austrian team, said during the Australian GP that FIA had to ensure that the dominance of Mercedes won’t make whole season boring. Soon after, Helmut Marko, advisor of the Red Bull team and head of their drivers development programme, warned that Red Bull could withdraw from the series because current regulations, according to him, killing sport.




Ecclestone this time sided with Red Bull, pointing out that there are rules that could allow FIA to make some changes if it turns out that Mercedes has an unfair advantage. The German team last season was completely dominant, and in the same style finished  first race of the season, in Australia.


“Red Bull is 100 percent right. There is a rule that Max Mosley has included and which says that if a team or engine supplier do something magical, and what Mercedes did, the FIA can equalize things. Mercedes did a sterling job, as everyone knows. What he should do is to ‘freeze’ the Mercedes engines and leave others to do what they want to catch up them”, said Ecclestone.


Ecclestone has also denied rumours that Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz wants to leave Formula 1.


“Who knows is he going to do that? Dietrich is the fighter and I do not think he will decide to give up because he was defeated. He will probably leave Formula 1 at the moment when he is winning“, said Ecclestone.

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