Ecclestone to choose between Pirelli and Michelin

July 22, 2015
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Alexander S

  • Michelin and Pirelli tyres

Both Pirelli and Michelin have met FIA’s technical and safety criteria, so Bernie Ecclestone is free to decide who will be Formula 1’s future tyre supplier.

The FIA opened up a new tender process for the official supplier from 2017 to 2019 and the two leading manufacturers are in the battle to get a rights to becoming the sole supplier to Formula 1.


Both manufacturers met the demanding criteria set by the FIA and now they are entering the second phase of the battle as they must negotiate commercial terms with the Formula 1 supremo. After that, Ecclestone must decide which offer is better and FIA’s World Motor Sport Council will have to officially confirm which tyre company is the new supplier.

Michelin had participated in Formula 1 back in 2006 and hopes to beat Pirelli, who has been supplying tyres from 2011 onwards with an offer of low-profile durable rubber, but the Italian manufacturer says he is ready to continue with the delivery of whatever type of tyres Formula 1 needs.



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