Entry list for 2016 Formula 1 season is closed

August 18, 2015
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Alexander S

  • Detail from Formula 1 race in Austria

FIA has confirmed that Hass F1 Team will be the only new entrant for the next Formula 1 season. That means we will have 11 teams on the grid in 2016.


Earlier this year, the FIA opened a tender process for new teams, but the earliest another new team could join the championship is now in 2017. The FIA previously rejected two potential candidates saying none of them were suitable for a place in 2016 grid.


“We can confirm that the FIA received two candidate Formula 1 team applications for vacant grid slots. We subsequently put these through our comprehensive diligence processes. Unfortunately, none of them were able to meet the FIA’s criteria for new teams despite being granted every opportunity of doing so. Now we consider this round of applications to be closed,” said FIA spokesman.


Photo: formula1.com

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