F1 drivers want to hear fans voice

May 18, 2015
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Alexander S

Formula 1 drivers will interact with the fans with an aim to hear how to make a competition more interesting.


The competition is under fire for a while after Mercedes domnating again. Last season was one horse race and it seems like the same will be in 2015. Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone already contemplating rule changes for 2017, but the drivers decided to take matters in their own hands.


Through social networks they will ask fans about wide spectrum of questions – technical, commercial, audience behaviours, etc. They also intend to ask whether Formula 1 is to be considered as a sport or entertainment.


The GP Drivers’ Association, led by chairman and former F1 driver Alexander Wurz, already made a plan about this issue and decided to launch a survey during the race weekend in Monaco from 20 to 24 May.




Failing of television audiences is just one of the things makes Ecclestone worried. Germany for the first time in the history stayed without GP race, and the future of sport don’t look great at all. Rule-making strategy group of leading teams will meet with FIA representatives to discuss ideas. Some of them are whether to make cars faster or to make tires wider at the rear.


Some changes are needed, that’s for sure, so it will be interesting to see what kind of feedback drivers will get from the fans and what Ecclestone and other leaders have in their minds about the future.

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