Ferrari Challenge Finali Mondiali - day 1

  • Ferrari Challenge Finali Mondiali

Jacques Duyver is new Ferrari Challenge Europe Champion after taking third place in Copa Shell race 1 at Finali Mondiali in Mugello.


Duyver was leading the Copa Shell standings all season and absolutely deserved laurels in the end. The winner of race 1 was Gautam Singhania (Kessel Racing) and this was his first victory in the season, while Erich Prinoth (Ineco-MP Service) was second.


Matteo Santoponte ‘Babalus’, driver of Scuderia Autoropa team, kept championship hopes alive in Trofeo Pirelli class after winnig race 1 in Mugello.


Ferrari Challenge Finali Mondiali


In the Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific, the winner of Trofeo Pirelli race 1 is Indonesian rookie Renaldi Hutasoit, while Japanese Tadakazo Kojima was the fastest in Copa Shell class.


At the end, in Ferrari Challenge North America, Gregory Romanelli is the Trofeo Pirelli race 1 winner, while Chris Cagnazzi was the fastest in Copa Shell class.



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