FIA considers introducing new customer engine from 2017

October 27, 2015
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Alexander S

  • FIA

The FIA has confirmed the possibility of introducing a new customer engine from 2017 which could help reduce costs of the competition.


This power unit should be available to the teams at a much lower price than the current power unit and will be able to help the financially weaker teams save some money. The FIA will now consult the teams and stakeholders with a view of choosing a new supplier ahead of a possible introduction of the new unit.

The FIA hopes that teams will have a positive contribution to the process which could ensure the long-term development of Formula 1.


Here’s the full FIA statement about cost reduction:


“The FIA has studied the cost reduction measures for teams participating in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship which were not conclusive, including:


– a global cost ceiling

– a reduction in costs via technical and sporting regulations

– an increased standardisation for parts


The FIA, in agreement with FOM, suggested the principle of setting a maximum price for the engine and gear box for client teams at the last Strategy Group meeting. These measures were put to the vote and adopted with a large majority.


However, Ferrari SpA decided to go against this and exercised the right of vetoing long recognised under agreements governing F1. In the interest of the Championship, the FIA has decided not to legally challenge Ferrari SpA’s use of its right of veto.

Therefore the FIA will initiate a consultation with all stakeholders regarding the possible introduction of a client engine, which will be available as of 2017. Following this consultation, a call for tenders for this client engine, the cost of which would be much lower than the current power unit, could be undertaken.


Supported by FOM, the FIA will continue in its efforts to ensure the sustained long-term development of the Championship and look for solutions enabling it to achieve this. It asks all of the teams to make a positive contribution to the success of this approach through proposals and initiatives in the interest of the Championship and its continuation over the long term”.

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