From now on Porsche Supercup events will feature two races

August 20, 2015
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Roy Wolfgang

As we are approaching a fantastic racing weekend in Spa as well as other part of 2015 season in various championships and series, there are important news from ever interesting Porsche Supercup championship. After a long discussion between organizers and teams it has been decided that, starting from this week in Spa, every Supercup weekend will feature two races instead of one. This means that Spa, Monza and Austin (Texas) will feature two races each, 6 races in total. It is great news, not just for the fans but for the drivers as well, because everybody will be able to score twice as much points and have twice the chance of podium finishes.


However, two race policy will certainly affect teams’ strategies and plans for the race. The drivers will have to be careful not to damage the car to much so they can’t participate in the second race of the weekend and teams’ tactics will have to be changed. But, both drivers and teams are happy with a new set up. One of the most prominent Porsche Supercup racers, Christian Engelhart says: “I am a convinced fan of the double header weekend. A usual weekend for the drivers in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup is coined by long breaks between the different session. That’s not the case any longer with the changed mode. There is a lot more to do now and one doesn’t have to be bored with waiting all the time.“ The other drivers are also happy with a new arrangement and fans are eager to enjoy the fantastic Supercup and one of the best cup championships in the world in double package!

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