German GP future still uncertain

July 16, 2015
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Alexander S

  • Hockenheim

Even after the German Grand Prix was included in the provisional calendar for the Formula 1 2016 season, the long-term future of the race is still very uncertain.


In 2015, for the first time in the history of Formula 1, the German Grand Prix stayed out of calendar, much to the disappointment of the Formula 1 fans across Europe. That also explains why the inclusion of the race at Hockenheim in the next season was widely welcomed, but the race promoters and organizers are not so optimistic.


“We need a full house next year, so that Formula 1 has a future. We must tell the fans to come to the race and secure the future of Formula 1 at Hockenheim,” said Georg Seiler, Hockenheim’s managing director.


Seiler also repeated that lack of support from national or local authorities is disappointing:


“That is very sad because Formula 1 is an image carrier all over the world. Other countries promoting their tourism with such a spectacular event which generate income from other areas and they can stage the races wthout problems.”

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