GP3: Bernstorff climbs from fifth to first at Monza

September 5, 2015
Djordje Sugaris

  • Emil Bernstorff at 2015 GP3 Monza

Though Emil Bernstorff started the race fifth, his brave driving earned him the first place in one of the most exciting races this season. Saturday morning rain slowed down GP3 drivers, but that did not stop Luca Ghiotto win the pole with a full second advantage over Esteban Ocon. The 22-lap long feature race started under more pleasant weather with a disastrous start by Ghiotto who stalled his car and complete mayhem on lap 1 which left Antonio Fuoco and Pal Varhaug retired. Ocon got to the lead and in the next lap, Matt Parry overtook Ceccon for second and Bernstorff overtook Kirchhofer for fourth. Artur Janosz was also briefly retired, but managed to return to the race. On lap 7, Kirchhofer reclaimed his position, but the battle continued with Bernstorff retaliating on lap 9.

Halfway into the race, Matt Parry went close to race leader Esteban Ocon, but was far enough not to attempt any moves. On lap 14, Emil Bernstorff overtook his teammate Kevin Ceccon and went up to third. On lap 16, Matheo Tuscher went up to seventh. Seb Morris damaged the front part of his car by hitting Tuscher’s rear end and dropped to ninth when Alex Palou overtook him too.

On lap 17, Emil Bernstorff managed to get to second by overtaking Parry. Ceccon saw the opportunity and tried overtaking Parry in the first chicane, but lost time upon failing to complete the move. On lap 20, Bernstorff almost made the move at the same part of the track, but had to return behind Ocon. On lap 21, Bernstorff finally caught up and overtook Ocon at the second chicane and so did Ceccon a lap later, getting to third and dropping Matt Parry to fourth. Kirchhofer finished the race fifth, followed by Jimmy Eriksson, Matheo Tuscher and Alex Palou who will start the sprint race from pole. You can see the detailed results here.

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