Hockenheim is not ready

March 29, 2015
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Alexander S

The news that we were all dreading to hear has now been nearly confirmed. It is almost certain that the German GP won’t be held in 2015. The circuit boss Georg Seiler admitted that there isn’t enough time for appropriate preparation of the race. This could mean that this year will be the first time Germany will miss Formula 1 since 1960.

“We have no more hope that the Formula 1 will take place here this year. We have done everything in the last few years; everything to make the fans happy. But unfortuantely, the time to organise the race here has expired,” Seiler said.

“If we did not come to this decision, the quality of the event would have suffered. We had said we were willing to host the race of the Nurburgring and that is something we had no contractual obligations to do. There were discussions with third parties on an assumption of risk, but those were not successful,” he added.

This disspointing news for racing fans implies that this season there will be one race less than planned. Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone earlier said there wouldnt be a change of the host for the race scheduled for mid-July.

‘The German Grand Prix is dead at the moment. It won’t be replaced and as with any other race, if it is cancelled – it is cancelled. There is not much we can do,” said Ecclestone.

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