Mercedes apologise to Hamilton

May 25, 2015
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Alexander S

Mercedes apologised to Lewis Hamilton after taking him a victory at Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday.


Reigning champion was leading when safety car was employed, but then he was called in pitstop for fresh tyres what proved to be a huge mistake. Team boss Toto Wolff said the calculations were wrong and apologised to British driver who finished third.


“I apologise for this wrong team’s decision. He’s a great leader and a great driver. I am sure he will understand sometimes we make errors. We were concerned that the tyres are losing temperature and that’s why they might be vulnerable. We thought we had a gap which we didn’t have when the safety car came out and Lewis was behind and the calculation was simply wrong. We expected to have a couple of seconds more,” said Wolff.


Hamilton is still at the top of the Drivers’ championship, but the margin between him and Nico Rosberg is now just ten points.

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