Philipp Baron wins Ferrari Challenge Europe's race 2 at Monza

  • Ferrari Challenge Europe Monza podium

The second day of Ferrari races at Monza was full of exciting action. At the end of the day, Philipp Baron, Sam Smeeth and Thomas Loefflad were the happiest after their victories.

Trofeo Pirelli

Like the day before, Baron and ‘Babalus’ Santoponte battled for the victory, but this time, Rossocorsa driver fought back and scored the 14th victory in his career to take the overall lead. Baron was on the top during whole race leaving Santoponte on second and another Rossocorsa driver Marcello Puglisi on third place.

Pirelli Am

Easy win for Sam Smeeth, driver of Stratstone Ferrari Team. The Englishman had a pole position and without any problems passed first through the finish line.He was more than 10 seconds ahead of Saturday’s winner Martin Nelson while the German Andreas Segler won the third place.

Ferrari Challenge Europe race at Monza

Ferrari Challenge Europe race at Monza

Coppa Shell

Championship leader and Saturday’s race winner Thomas Loefflad again was the fastest man on the track. Erich Prinot was a worthy adversary but he had to settle for second place. With a bit of luck in the last lap, Renato Di Amato squirmed to the last place at the podium.

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