Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Norisring - practice

The fourth round of the 2015 Porsche Carrera Cup Germany is already underway with a practice session taking place this Friday on the Norisring track in Germany. The battle for the 2015 championship is just beginning to get interesting and this event with its 2-race schedule is going to be very dynamic.

The Norisring is a lesser-known street track located in Nuremberg, Germany. It has a relatively simple track layout with straights and a few sharp bends. As with any street track, the drivers must be concentrated to avoid walls and to choose the best racing line.

In the case of Norisring, long straights are quickly followed up by sharp bends which means that precise braking is essential. The track is short, only 2.3 kilometers, but it still very interesting.


While there are two races scheduled for Sunday, Friday’s practice session got off to a good start with good dry weather conditions making it ideal for the drivers. Even though the track layout isn’t very complicated, practice always proves to be valuable here since drivers must know exact braking points and asphalt conditions.

The best time (0:52.026) was achieved by Phillip Eng with Nicki Thiim and Christian Engelhart very close behind on second and third place. In fact, the first 19 drivers of 24 enlisted had time in 0:52 second range which is fantastic.

This just goes to show that the Carrera Cup Germany is one of the most interesting cup championships in the world and the two races on Sunday promise to be great. For full results, click HERE:

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