Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Norisring - race 1

The Norisring circuit is home to the fourth round of the 2015 Carrera Cup Germany series and surprisingly Danish driver Nicki Thiim is on the pole position followed by young Italian Matteo Cairoli. The rain stopped and the track dried in enough time to have all teams starting on dry tires. The first race on Saturday is 20 minutes and 26 laps long.

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2015

The start of the race was without any incidents and resulted in Nicki Thiim finishing first and Matteo Cairoli closing in very close behind. Christan Englehart, Connor de Phillipi and Phillip Eng were behind Cairoli and a few meters in front of the rest of the grid.

By the lap 6, Eng had managed to pass to fourth behind de Phillipi and in front of Engelhart. When the lap 10 came, Thiim had secured his lead in front of Cairoli and Eng on third who had passed de Philipi. The first two drivers had a good lead and the rest of the grid was 0.5 seconds behind.

However, the most interesting battles were in the mid field between Michael Ammermuller, Alex Riberas and Sven Muller. By the middle of the race, Thiim’s lead was over 1.5 seconds over Cairoli on second and over 4 second in front of the Eng on third.

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2015

In the last few laps, the race leader Nicki Thiim started passing drivers from the back of the grid, however,that didn’t slow him down. With his safe, fast and undisputed driving, Thiim won the first race of the Norisring weekend with Carioli on second and Phillip Eng on third.

The other drivers didn’t have a chance to attack Thiim and his driving was dominant. It is good to see the ex-champion and one of best active Porsche Cup drivers back on the podium after a long period of bad results. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s race and for the full results click HERE:

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