Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Spielberg – race 2

  • Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Spielberg – race 2 Jeffrey Schmidt

The dark and rainy morning in Spielberg greeted the drivers of Porsche Carrera Cup Germany for the second race of the weekend on Red Bull Ring Austria. At the beginning rain didn’t look serious and most of the drivers did warm up lap on dry tires. However, some of the drivers did put on rain set which proved to be great decision, because on warm up lap it was obvious that track is not going to get dried up and rain is not going to stop.


The start went decent with no incidents but on the second and third corner all hell broke loose when Nicki Thiim spun and hit Christian Englelhart and when Sven Muller went of track with few other drivers. In just few moments after the start, few of the drivers was involved in incidents caused by lack of traction and those drivers who had started on rain tires has managed to advance in fantastic way passing from outer side of the curve, brake and accelerate better. Jeffrey Schmidt followed by Elia Erhart and Alexander Toril were three drivers who used rain tires from the start and found themselves on first three positions with Phillip Eng on fourth position after just half of the first lap. However, after those incidents on first lap safety car was deployed and gave chance to rest to do the pit stop and change tires. In next three laps, most of the drivers did pit stop, however, Eng on third was called to pit stop just after the green flag was shown in what turned out to be very bad decision by his team, causing him to re join the race on 16th place. After green flag the race continued with Schmidt on first who gained lead. In the middle of the grid there were some very fierce battles but biggest problem was drivers who didn’t change tires and couldn’t keep up with the tempo. Alex Riberas was one of them and finally spun off in later part of the race causing second safety car outing.

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However, Schmidt was on first place driving perfectly and using all of his skills to gain lead. He didn’t looked back and he was not affected by changes behind him which were numerous. When the checkered flag was shown after 17 very exciting laps, his win was well deserved and epic. Alexander Toril was second and Eng was third who somehow managed to climb back from back of the grid. For full results, click HERE:


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