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The third round of this year’s Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup championship is this weekend and after some difficult conditions during the practice and qualifying sessions we finally have stint of nice weather just in time for today’s race. The Red Bull Ring is the name of the venue and 28 Supercup drivers has their hands on identical 991 GT3 Cup cars.

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At 11:45 CET the 28 drivers of Porsche Supercup has started in decent start without any incidents. However, the start was somewhat controversial since the lot of drivers jumped significantly forward with doubt of jump start. Connor de Phillipi was first but Christopher Zochling found himself on second place with Phillip Eng third. Sven Muller had great start same as Ben Barker and Alex Riberas. After just a few laps it was obvious that de Phillipi is under a great pressure from Zochling on the second. Austrian driver was just behind the American and his lights were flashing as sign to Connor to move. It took 6 laps to pass him in interesting move and with Phillip Eng using the opportunity to advance to second and de Phillipi on third.

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Just moments after there were two incidents, one involving Ben Barker and Sven Muller and other involving Connor de Phillipi and Michael Ammermuller. First one happened during the battle between Baker and Muller when Baker hit Muller’s right side and spun out and second when Ammermuller tried to pass de Phillipi in similar move and risked to much, hit Connors right door and also find himself out of the track. The Baker-Muller incident could be understood as battle casualty but Ammermuller-de Phillipi is possibly bad judgment by German driver. Ben Baker and Michael Ammermuller went back into the race eventually but on the back of the grid loosing their chances.

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It was obvious that Connor de Phillip’s car is somewhat slower than the rest so very soon Alex Riberas attacked him and took the third place. There was very fierce battles for 5th,6th,7th place but as the race was close to the end there was nothing that could be done. On the front Christopher Zochling was first holding his position with Eng on second. Phillip Eng wanted to pass for first place but Zochling defended his position good and Eng didn’t needed to risk since his second place which will put him in the lead in the championship overall standings.

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It was very interesting race today in Austria on Red Bull Ring with two Austrian driver taking first and second place on their home track. Next round of Porsche Supercup championship is in Silverstone and for full results click HERE:

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