Porsche Supercup Monza - race 1

Sunny Saturday afternoon in fantastic Monza is one of  the best places for racing in the world. The 39 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup with roaring engines are on the start of the first race of the weekend and driver selection, legendary car and track are some of the best things in motorsport. So the Supercup fans was eagerly awaiting the start of first of two Monza races which were very important for championship battle in 2015 season.


Finally, the race started in late Saturday afternoon at 18:25 CET. All drivers started good but approaching narrow first corner there were numerous incidents which caused safety car to come on track only minutes after the race start. In just few moments, there were few cars of the track and disabled after a contacts. Fortunately, nothing were serious and nobody was hurt. The first four drivers started very good but Cairoli took the lead since he took the inside line into first corner and had advantage over Ammermuller. Eng was on third after he held his position from Sven Muller on fourth. Safety car was on track for over 4 laps and when the race continued Ammermuller attacked Cairoli but with no luck, however, Muller attacked Eng and got himself on third place. After a lap it was clear that first three drivers are equally fast but Eng is little bit slower. At the beginning of lap 7, Muller attacked Ammermuller and almost had the second place but more experienced driver managed to keep his position. But in the next lap, Muller successfully took the second and Come Ledogar passed Eng and claimed the fourth place behind Ammermuller. It was obvious that Phillip Eng’s Porsche is somewhat slower and very soon, Robert Lucas passed him.


In lap 10, Muller got very close behind Cairoli and attacked him for first place but Cairoli managed to keep his position. However, after a half a lap, Muller got slipstream behind Cairoli and use it to pass Italian driver on the straight gaining the lead. It was the 10th lap and there still were 4 laps to go but Muller kept his cool in front of Cairoli which didn’t get a chance to attack. In just few minutes, Sven Muller was winner again in the Monza which become his favorite track and one big step closer to championship title. For full results click HERE and stay tuned for second race tomorrow at noon.

Photos: racecam.de

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