Porsche Supercup Monza – race 2

Sunny morning on the fantastic Monza circuit and 37 Porsche Superup drivers (39 on race 1) were ready for race two of this weekend. A great track and a great selection of drivers ensured interesting racing action just as it was yesterday on race one when we have witnessed intense driving by Sven Muller who managed to finish first after starting fourth. His win and second place by Italian ace Matteo Cairoli was the first time in history of Supercup to have two Porsche Junior drivers finish in 1-2 order. Here is the coverage of yesterday’s race and Supercup fans were eager to see what will happen in race 2.


The front row was reserved for Sven Muller on pole and Matteo Cairoli on second. The biggest battle was to start as good as possible in order to get to the first corner on first place. However, there were a few dangers lurking from behind – Michael Ammermuller and Come Ledogar on third and fourth place and Phillip Eng on fifth.  Since the Supercup race was after GP2 and GP3 race the track was fairly dirty which is always difficult since the dirty track can pose a problem with overtaking, however, after a warm up lap, the race started. The start was very clean and without any incidents. Cairoli started good but Muller took the inside line and was on top after the first lap. Eng had a bad start and after the first lap, he was on 7th position. In the first part of the race, there was an interesting battle between Alex Riberas on fifth and Christopher Zochling on sixth place. However, on the front of the pack, Muller and Cairoli started to get away from Ammermuller and Christian Engelhart on fourth. As the race progressed, Muller moved away from the rest of the drivers. Riberas moved close to Engelhart on fourth and Cairoli on second was working hard to keep Ammermuller on third. In fact, Cairoli was very skilled in keeping the pack behind him and racing so precisely that no body could pass him.


So after 14 laps in Monza, Sven Muller won again and was the first to see the checkered flag on finish. Matteo Cairoli was on second, repeating yesterday’s result. Ammermuller was on third and Engelhart on fourth with Riberas on fifth and Zochling on sixth. Eng was just 7th in his worst finish of the season which affected his chances of winning the championship. However, there are two more race during F1 weekend in USA so championship is still not decided and it is going to be exciting to see who will win 2015 Porsche Mobil1 Supercup. For full results click HERE:


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