Porsche Supercup Silverstone - practice

The home of British motorsport – Silverstone track is also home of fourth round of 2015 Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup. This is undoubtedly one of the best cup championships which gathers the best and fastest Porsche 991 GT3 Cup drivers from across the world.

However, even  before the race weekend started, the Supercup organizators faced a tough challenge and unexpected circumstances which could affect the race in the worst way. The problem was related to logistics and the equipment trucks with cars and motor homes with crews couldn’t get in Silverstone on time since on the other side of the channel the employees of Eurotunnel were on strike.

The trucks of the Supercup teams were stuck at the French site of the Eurotunnel for about 36 hours hoping to get in to England. Finally they arrived at the Silverstone paddock on Thursday night at 22.00 hours. Because of the late arrival of trucks and teams, the preparation was delayed however with big effort and sleepless nights for everybody involved everything was in order for Friday’s practice which started in afternoon. For this event, there are a big number of cars, 31 to be exact and you can imagine logistic nightmare for race organizators and teams.

Despite the difficult circumstances surrounding the beginning of the Supecup weekend in Silverstone, the practice session was a success. In fact, it was the biggest success for Alex Riberas who was fastest with 2:06:069 time. Second was Phillip Eng and third was British driver Daniel Cammish. Fourth was Christian Engelhart and fifth was Ben Baker with Matteo Cairoli on sixth place. For full results click HERE and stay tuned for qualification session report tomorrow.

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