Porsche Supercup Silverstone - race

After the interesting pre-race events and difficult logistics, the practice and qualifying session for fourth round of this year’s Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup went as planned. Alex Riberas was the fastest during the practice session but Austrian ace Phillip Eng took the pole for today’s race. The weather was very good during the week and for the practice sessions, but as luck would have it, for the qualifying rounds and today’s race there were clouds and high chances of rain. The Silverstone track is world famous and the long circuit is big enough to accommodate 30 cars on the grid.


After the warm up lap, drivers lined up for the start. On the first position Phillip Eng, second Alex Riberas and third Michael Ammermuller. The start wasn’t without incidents when Rober Lucas from fourth went off the track in first corner and hit Rolex banner which he brought with him in track.

He was off to the pits very soon ruining his chances for podium finish. Phillip Eng started very positively blocking Riberas on second from moving forward. After the first lap, Ammermuller was third and Ben Baker was fourth after  a good start.


By the fourth lap, the standings remained unchanged but Eng and Riberas moved away from the rest of the grid. Riberas even had a fastest lap and it looked like he was faster than Eng. Polish driver, Kuba Giermaziak who started from 19th place after the penalty managed to pass 4 drivers and find himself on 15th place.

In that moment, the biggest battle was on the middle of the grid where a group of drivers fought for 8th to 12th place. However, very soon there was a incident when group of British Carrera Cup drivers, had contact and spin. Robert Weller hit Jake Hill and they both spun but lots of drivers were slowed down because that.

The first eight places were unchanged but as the race was close to the end, Riberas pressed harder and was just a few meters behind Eng. However, Riberas didn’t have a chance and Eng won his first race of the season with quality driving with Riberas second and Ammermuller third.


Today’s Supercup race in Silverstone was very interesting and the main reason was a big group of British Porsche drivers who raced very differently than the rest of the regular Supercup series drivers. In fact, the UK Porsche racers were very aggressive, almost Touring Car driving which produced few incidents and off track excursions but also a very interesting race to watch. However, those guys couldn’t affect leading drivers but maybe next season they will. For full results, click HERE:

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