Red Bull's Newey accused of lying

Renault’s chief of engines Cyril Abiteboul has accused Red Bull’s Adrian Newey of lying after he blamed the car’s problems on the “outdated” engine. Red Bull finished a lap down on Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes in the opening race of Formula 1 season in Melbourne.


After the race, Newey put the blame on the engine, which according to him is quite outdated. Renault’s chief responded to Newey’s comments by saying that “it’s hard to have a partner who lies”.


“Adrian is a charming man and an engineer equal to none. But he has spent his life criticising engine partners. In addition to our problems, Red Bull has some chassis problems which don’t help the situation. In particular, the lack of rear stability. These two problems combine to ensure the car is difficult to drive,” Abiteboul told the French media.


Both sides are equally valid; Renault’s engine is undoubtedly inferior to Mercedes’ or Ferrari’s, but it is also obvious that the latest Red Bull is not one of the best products. Probably, this is not the end of the harsh words that we will hear from the two sides on the matter.


In the meantime, Renault is looking to buy a team and run it itself again. Red Bull might, sooner or later, quit the sport, as had been announced after the Australian GP.

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