Renault Sport Trophy: Geerts and Braams fastest at Nürburgring

The young Dutch pair Roy Geerts and Max Braams in #4 V8 Racing Team’s Renault Sport RS01 scored their maiden win in the Renault Sport Trophy during the Endurance race at the Nürburgring. They won ahead of David Fumanelli and Dario Capitanio in #8 Oregon Team car. Third were Andrea Pizzitola and Richard Gonda in #2 car of ART Junior Team.


Geerts started the race from pole and he was leading in the first half of the race, until he handed the wheel to Braams. Fumanelli and Capitanio pitted later and took over the lead, but Braams was faster than Capitanio and got back to first place. Despite a last lap attack from Capitanio, young Dutch remained in the lead and crossed the finish line 0.4 seconds before Capitanio.




Eric Trémoulet (Monlau Competicion #14), who was sharing the seat with Michela Cerruti, finished at the impressive fourth. Toni Forné and Indy Dontje (ART Junior Team #3) were fifth, ahead of Portuguese pair Antonio Coimbra – Miguel Ramos in Equipe Verschuur’s #1 car. Diederik Sijthoff (V8 Racing #5), despite a penalty for not respecting the allotted pit stop time, finished seventh. He shared the car  with Nicky Pastorelli. Andres Mendez and Bas Schothorst (Zele Racing #11) were eighth. Oliver Freymuth (V8 Racing #45) on ninth place was the last who finished the race, although one lap behind the leader.


With second place at Nürburgring Oregon Team drivers Fumanelli and Capitanio are still the leaders of Endurance classification with 79 points, ahead of another Oregon Team pair Bacheta and Nalio with 55 points. In Elite classification leader is Steijn Schothorst, while Diederik Sijthoff is the leader of Prestige classification. Two Sprint races for Elite and Prestige drivers are scheduled for tomorrow.


Check all the results at SnapLap result pages.


Photos: World Series by Renault/Renault Sport

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